In farming, the primary focus at Glenmore Estate is on the welfare of our animals and the sustainability of the entire farming system. Our dairy herd is comprised of Holstein, crossed with Fleckvieh.

By cross breeding, we obtain good hybrid vigor, our annual yields are in the region of 7,000 litres of Milk, with cows having between 7-10 lactations. We supply local Co op's who are the link from our Farm to your fridge.


Our beef herd is Aberdeen Angus, a breed that for centuries has been celebrated as the world leader in the cattle breeding industry.

When looking for top quality output and manageable cattle this hardy breed with a carcass size ideal for market requirements is renowned worldwide as the leading beef brand.


Glenmore has a flock of pure Lanark ewes from some of the top blood lines in Scotland.
We breed males and females for specialist sales held each autumn.


Glenmore Estate have established a sport horse breeding programme and have
sourced mares from across Europe. Our emphasis is on quality and we aim to
breed high-class foals to sell at weaning.

In recent years, Glenmore has had foals by leading horses including: For Pleasure,
Cornet Obolensky, and Diamante de Semilly, which were sold all over the world.